DETAD: Diagnosing Error in Temporal Action Detectors

Illustration of the three types of analyses our diagnostic tool provides for action localization algorithms.


Despite the recent progress in video understanding and the continuous rate of improvement in temporal action localization throughout the years, it is still unclear how far (or close?) we are to solving the problem. To this end, we introduce a new diagnostic tool to analyze the performance of temporal action detectors in videos and compare different methods beyond a single scalar metric. We exemplify the use of our tool by analyzing the performance of the top rewarded entries in the latest ActivityNet action localization challenge. Our analysis shows that the most impactful areas to work on are: strategies to better handle temporal context around the instances, improving the robustness w.r.t. the instance absolute and relative size, and strategies to reduce the localization errors. Moreover, our experimental analysis finds the lack of agreement among annotator is not a major roadblock to attain progress in the field. Our diagnostic tool is publicly available to keep fueling the minds of other researchers with additional insights about their algorithms.

In the European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)


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